One More Thing


we do web

In today's global economy, a business without a website has no credence or credibility!

A website doesn't have to be all singing all dancing, just a simple shop window, telling the world about you and what's on offer.  Think KISS!

Keep It Simple and Stupid.  

The less complicated, the easier to navigate, the more likely to get read and generating phone calls. And no one sells your business better than you.

Architects Pacific are based in Fiji with offices in New Zealand, and about to open in Australia. The practice is the Australasia equivalent to Sir Norman Foster in the UK. They are a prestigious client with prestigious clients.

The brief was draw the viewer in with a soft subtle introduction. Enticing was heavily emphasised during all discussions. So we lead the viewer on into the depths making them want to see more.

We have carefully crafted the site so that the viewer wants to see more and more and when they reach Projects, their world changes with a blaze of glorious colour that only professional hi-resolution digital photography could provide. The site explodes like a firwork display with stunning images that make you want to climb into every photo. You can feel the warm South Pacific sand between your toes and the warm waters lapping around your feet.